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StarVie Aquila PRO

STARVIE AQUILA PRO is a padel racket designed for advanced/intermediate offensive players who live close to the net and look for maximum power in their smashes no matter if it is a x3 meters smash, deep smash or x4 meters smash. With this racket you will be able to put the ball away of your opponents’ scope.

STARVIE AQUILA PRO incorporates a new technology called FILAVA which it provides a better resistance in front of ball impacts and therefore it delivers a better behaviour against materials’ fatigue.

STARVIE AQUILA PRO also provides an amazing control in volleys close to the net and is confortable in defending situations although its teardrop shape. It also provides a remarkable precision in globes and “chiquitas” in order to gain the net as soon as possible.

In conclusion we could say that this is a racket for those players who like being close to the net and are very aggressive. It is also worth pointing out that due to its shape it is a racket for those players who already an intermediate or advanced technical level.

STARVIE AQUILA PRO is Majo Sánchez Alayeto racket, player number one in the World Padel Tour.

¥23,756 VAT Excl.