StarVie Polaris Carbon

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STARVIE POLARIS CARBON is a padel racket designed for offensive professional players who live close to the net and look for power on their smashes and a lot of control on their volleys.

It has an outstanding power deep, x3,  and x4 metres smashes. It also provides an incredible control on all sorts of volleys no matter if the ball comes high or low. Regarding to rear wall outputs we can say that you will be able to power up your shots. Additionally it has a wrinkled area on its plane to spin all your shots, making more difficult to return them.

STARVIE POLARIS CARBON is also confortable on defending situations although it was designed for aggressive players. Due to its control characteristics, we will be able to effectively handle defensive situations. It provides a fantastic precision in globes and “chiquitas” in order to gain the net as soon as possible.

STARVIE POLARIS CARBON comes with Mapi Sánchez Alayeto signature, player number one in the World Padel Tour ranking who will use it during 2018 season.

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